Corporate gift idea this season

Is going to the usual desk calendar, organizer or nuts and sweets?

You know how important to stay in top-of-mind with your clients. You want to show your clients and well-wishers that you really appreciate them in a genuinely thoughtful way, not in an “here’s an expensive box of nuts and dry fruits” kind of way, so here is a gift idea that promises not only to be culturally and historically illuminating but visually compelling and a music lover’s delight.

By gifting this fabulous book, you not only promote your company and thank your clients but also lend a hand to share awareness of our brilliant past. Are we, as today’s citizens, building a culture which will be remembered a thousand years hence?

The book manages to capture not just the core subject Kshetram and the Sangeetam that revolves around it, the mystique of the architecture the aspects that enthrall a person on ground is beautifully captured to keep it engaging to the younger generations.


Compiler and Publisher

Jayashrree S Mani
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